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QuasarBrite™ LED Displays

LED Displays are an ideal technology for markets such as industrial controls, medical devices, set-top box communications equipment, white goods and aerospace. Lumex's QuasarBrite™ Family of LED Displays are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and options to suit any design requirements.

LED Display
7 Segment LED Display with Customized Pattern

Lumex's QuasarBrite LED Displays provide:

  • Segment Shape - These are offered in three primary cuts: rectangular, diamond or round.
  • Polarity - We offer both common anode or common cathode.
  • Drive Method - Lumex offers several options for driving the displays. Direct drive uses a common and a separate pin for each segment which is the simplest way of driving a display but adds to the number of pins required on the display. Duplex and multiplexed displays have common pins which reduce the number of required connections. Driving this way for a multiple digit display means pulsing current to specific segments over the common pins to get the desired number.
  • Face and Segment Color - options for the reflector include black on white and gray on white as standards, and a full range of colors in custom reflectors. Lumex also offers a whole range of custom overlays for the display face.
  • Character Height - We offer standard and custom displays from 0.2 inches to 7.0 inches
  • Number of Digits - We offer standard and custom displays from 1 digit to 6 digits, multiple rows and customized icons.

Detache LED Displays from PCB board, the idea of ezDisplay.

Starting from 64x32 RGB LED Dot Matrix

LDM-0909-R4 shows temperature

The rolling slides are categories of overview types of QuasarBrite™ LED Display products Lumex provides.

In addition to our standard product offering, Lumex can also customize any LED Display to suit your specific design needs.