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QuasarBrite™ LED Displays


Numeric Displays are also called as 7 Segment Display. Typically, a numeric LED Displays shows 1 digit to 4 digits. Based on the different senerio, digits more than 4 are also available. In some cases, Numeric LED Display come with mixing numbers and customized pattern or vice versa. Also, a 4 digits numeric LED Display could be clock type display simply adding a colon in the center, for example LDQ-M283RI.

Besides standard Numeric LED Displays, there are many variation/combination of patterns, colors and control interfaces. Please do not hestiate to contact Lumex for more information of customize solution.

Numeric Display, Single and Duo Digits

Features / Options

  • Wide range of single LED colors as well as R,G,B and white
  • Standard and high brightness chips
  • Intensity grading available
  • Face and segment colors in gray and milky white
  • Custom sizes & segment cuts available

Applications / Uses

  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Communications Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Security Electronics
  • Life Safety Equipment
  • Large Panel Indicators
  • Meter Displays
  • Information displays

Single and Dual Digits

  • Display heights ranging from 0.28" ~ 4.0"
  • Standard, Round, diamond & rectangle cuts available

Triple and Quad Displays

  • Display heights from 0.28" ~ 0.56"