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ITW Lumex Switch, a member of the ITW Group, has been a global leader of switch maker in industrial, medical, automotive, and transportation control with the broadest range of product:

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We offer a one-stop-shop service for the special requirement from the application, requirement, or pain points to the concept, rapid sample, test, validation, and customer approval and production. ITW Lumex Switch also offers the service and application of switch plus lighting and cable harness into the industrial market and also automotive/EV application.

ITW Lumex Switch Technical Design Specialists are seasoned experts in collaboratively developing effective, smart solutions to design dilemmas. ITW Lumex Switch is unique in the market due to the unprecedented level of complimentary technical support provided to large and small customers alike. ITW Lumex switch works closely with clients to identify the best standard or customized technology for each specific application need.

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