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Through Hole LED for SMT Reflow Processes

Lumex® announces the release of Through Hole LED part numbers SSF-H2230USBD-RP/A, SSF-3330YGYGYGW/A and LDS-M512RI-RA/A for Pin-in-Paste soldering process.

The Pin-in-Paste(PIP) reflow process, also called Pin-in-Hole(PIH) reflow technology or Through-hole(TH) reflow has become more popular as it eliminates time consuming processes such as manual placement and traditional wave soldering process with the benefits of through hole components.

For our LED products to survive in the Reflow Process, Lumex® have upgraded the LED wire bonding process and plastic housing to withstand the reflow temperature of 250°C for 10 seconds.

With the new PIP family of LEDs, manufacturers will be able reduce the set up and production time which leads to significant process savings. For more information about Lumex products, please simply use the inquiry form below to get contact with Lumex®.

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