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QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs

High Power UVA LED

Lumex® announces the release of High Power UVA LED, part numbers SML-LXD4545UVA02/I. The radiant flux of SML-LXD4545UVA02/I is up to 1500mW. The view angle(2x 𝜽½) is only 30°.

There are several important characters of SML-LXD4545UVA02/I.

  • The majority emit wavelength of SML-LXD4545UVA02/I is sitting between 400nm and 410nm

  • The forward voltage is 3.2~4.1V, the design of power source is simple.

  • The View Angle 2x𝜃½ is only 30°


Features / Options

  • 400nm - 410nm
  • 3~4V
  • RADIANT FLUX up to 1500mW
  • View Angle 2x𝜃½ is only 30°
  • Mercury Free

Applications / Uses

  • UV Curling
SKU Emitted Color Peak Wavelength (nm) Lens Type Typ. Vf MAX FORWARD CURRENT RADIANT FLUX View Angle 2x 𝜽½
SML-LXD4545UVA02/I Ultraviolet A min. 400nm ALUMINIUM OXIDE min. 3.2V 1000mA min. 1000mW @ 500mA 30
max. 410nm max. 4.1V max. 1500mW @ 500mA