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QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs

SML-LXF3535UVCC10 and New UVC LED Evaluation Board

Lumex® is proud to announce the release of SML-LXF3535UVCC10, UVC LED DUO, the first Lumex UVC LED with two UVC chips in one LED.(UVC + UVC) The Lumex UVC LED Evaluation Board with SML-LXF3535UVCC10 is also ready for quick adopting UVC LED into product developing.

There are several improvments and changes comparing to Lumex previous SMD UVC LED, SML-LX3636VSC-TR.

  • The majority emit wavelength of SML-LXF3535UVCC10 is sitting at 275nm

  • The forward voltage is 5~7V, lower than SML-LX3636VSC-TR.

  • The View Angle 2x𝜃½ is changed from 140° to 120°

  • Two UVC Chips(UVC + UVC)

The most important change is putting two UVC chips into one LED. This change makes the life time(L50) of SML-LXF3535UVCC10 over 16000 hours(by prediction model). Not only the duo chips, but the thermal conductive pad also helps the issue of overheating from 100mA current.

UV-LED is more and more recognized in disinfection field. In the major revision of NSF/ANSI 55(NSF/ANSI 55-2019), UV LED is allowed to be a valid UVC source for water treatment. By the tiny form factor and low power requirment, UVC LED is perfect for Portable Personal Sterilization Use.

Besides the the long life time of Lumex's UVC LED DUO, SML-LXF3535UVCC10, eco-friendly is also one of many important characters. From the beginning of producing to the final UVC LED, there is no Mercury in the whole processes. The instant on/off is able to save lots of energy, SML-LXF3535UVCC10 only need to be turned on when necessary. Together with no on/off cycle limitaion makes Lumex's UVC LED become on-demand ready.

Contact Lumex to get more details of using Duo Chips UVC LED - SML-LXF3535UVCC10.

The Lumex UVC LED Evaluation Board with SML-LXF3535UVCC10 is ready, feel free to contact Lumes to find out more.

Evaluation Board, LDM-LXF1017030UVC

Features / Options

  • 270nm - 285nm
  • 5~7 Vf
  • Water Clear Glass
  • Mercury Free

Applications / Uses

  • Disinfection
  • Portable Personal Sterilization Device
SKU SPEC   Emitted Color Wavelength (nm) Lens Type Typ. Vf If(mA) Intensity Typ. View Angle 2x𝜃½
SML-LXF3535UVCC10 Ultra Violet 270nm~285nm Glass / Water Clear 5~7V 100mA 10mW 120°