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Lumex® Launches SML-LXIL0603 Serial Narrow Beam
Surface Mount LEDs

QuasarBrite™ SML-LXIL0603 Serial SMT/SMD LEDs Lumex® is proud to announce the release of SML-LXIL0603 Serial narrow beam surface mount LEDs. There are 4 colors available for SML-LXIL0603 serial LEDs. These surface mount narrow beam LEDs features a narrow viewing angle 75˚ (2x𝜃½). Since light output from a LED chip is very directional, higher light output achieved by concentrating light in a tight beam. The narrower the viewing angle, the higher the mcd rating.

Technical Information and Spec Download
SKU SPEC   Emitted Color Chip Material Peak Wavelength (nm) Lens Type Typ. Vf (V) If (mA) Intensity Typ.(mcd) View Angle 2x𝜃½
SML-LXIL0603SIC-TR Red 630 Clear 2.1 25 1600 75
SML-LXIL0603SYC-TR Yellow 585 Clear 2.1 25 1350 75
SML-LXIL0603UPGCTR Green InGaN 520 Clear 3.0 25 2135 75
SML-LXIL0603USBCTR Blue InGaN 470 Clear 3.0 25 500 75