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QuasarBrite™ SMD LEDs -
0402 Package

Flip Chip White SMD LED

Lumex® announces the release of Flip Chip White SMD LED, part number SML-LXFT0402NWC-FC.

"Flip Chip LED" is a special package for white LED. The LED Chip is sitting on two or three pads substrate and covered by phosphor. From the top of a Flip Chip LED, no LED Chip(s) could be seen but only seeing phosphor. Besides the phosphor, the other specific characteristic of Flip Chip LED is not using bonding wire to connect LED Chip and substrate.

The fundmental of white LEDs is the phosphor absorbing the energy of light, usually blue color, then releasing the energy by fluorescence. Since the phosphor is covering LED Chip(s), the color of the emitting is frankly even, no blue color from the LED Chip in the middle. This is one of the features of Flip Chip LED.

By the nature of Flip Chip LEDs, the LED Chip is having more contact area with the substrate comparing to conventional LED. Based on the better contact between LED Chip and substrate, Filp Chip LED is doing better on "heat removing" than conventional LED.

Broken wire is one of the top reasons for LED failure. Since the package of Flip Chip LED is completely diffe rent than conventional LED, Flip Chip LED is not using wire bonding. The risk of broken wire is no longer exist.

Flip Chip LED is commonly used in COB type high power white LED nowaday. Lumex® newly released QuasarBrite™ LED, SML-LXFT0402NWC-FC, is the first Flip Chip SMD LED in Lumex®'s product line and brings all the goodies of Flip Chip Package from COB LEDs to SMD LEDs. To understand more about SML-LXFT0402NWC-FC, Flip Chip SMD LED, please use the inquiry link at the bottom to contact with Lumex Sales Representives.


Features / Options

  • Tiny form factor: 1.0(L)*0.5(W)*0.4(H)mm.
  • Filp Chip
  • 3V
  • 1100mcd @ 20mA
  • View Angle 2x𝜃½ is 140

Applications / Uses

  • Indicator
  • BackLight
  • Device Deocoration Light
  • Small area Lighting
SKU Emitted Color X Y Lens Type Forward Voltage Forward Current Intensity Typ. View Angle 2x𝜃½
SML-LXFT0402NWC-FC White min. 0.226 min. 0.198 Water Clear min. 2.4V 30mA 1100mcd @ 20mA 140
max. 0.262 max. 0.259 max. 3.2V