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QuasarBrite™ LED Panel Mount and PCB Indicators

Lumex continues to be a leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED Panel Indicators and PCB Indicators.


Our wide range of LED indicator products are ideal for every market from industrial, utilities, automotive, telecommunications, data communications, medical and military.

Panel Mount LED Indicators feature wire leads of various colors and lengths, as well as a variety of termination options. Lumex‘s Panel Mount LED Indicators can also be made water resistant for more demanding applications such as industrial equipment or food service equipment. Additionally, Panel Mount LED Indicators can be customized should the application not meet with one of Lumex’s standard product offerings.

PCB LED Indicators are available in many standard shapes, sizes and arrays. As with Panel Mount Indicators, there exists a wide variety of semi-custom options such as lead length, LED size, LED color and termination options. Finally, fully customized features are also available.


The categories down below provide an overview of the types of LED indicators Lumex provides. Please feel free to contact Lumex Sales Representative at any time for further information.