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Lumex® is proud to announce the Easy TFT LCD Display Solution

A TFT LCD cannot work with low-performance or low-memory controllers, such as 8-bit MCUs or 32-bit MCUs with limited memory. This problem is solved once and for all with Lumex's Easy TFT LCD Display solution. The built-in flash memory and controller eliminate the need for user's MCU to allocate display memory. Modules work without drivers or initialization codes from user's MCUs. The UART interface and AT command structure make it universal for MCUs and IDE environments.

Apart from the UART interface, Easy TFT LCD offers CANBUS and SPI interfaces to meet the needs of various industrial applications, especially for Gauge applications. For applications that require rotary switches, Lumex offers a custom firmware service that enables the TFT LCD display to be utilized as a controller.


  • Universal for any MCUs
  • No initial codes or drivers are required
  • Provides AT commands
  • Built-in 256Mb flash memory that can be customized by the user
  • Multiple interfaces such as UART, CANBus, and SPI are available
  • Dimmable backlight
  • Inputs for rotary switches
  • Pre-load user define flash memory service is available.


  • Guage applications
  • Upgrade from monochrome display
  • Industrial Controls
  • Appliances
  • Elevator
  • Transportation

Available sizes:

  • 2.4” (3:4, portrait, 240x320)
  • 2.8” (3:4, portrait, 240x320)
  • 3.5” (4:3, landscape, 320x240)
  • 3.5” (2:3, portrait, 320x480)

Available P/Ns:

  • LCT-H240320M24W-G2
  • LCT-H240320M28W-G2
  • LCT-H320240M35W-G2
  • LCT-H320480M35W-G2




ezDisplay Products
TFT Modules
SKU Description SPEC Note:
LCT-H240320M24W-G2 2.4”, 3:4, portrait, 240x320, TFT LCD CANBUS Interface
LCT-H240320M28W-G2 2.8”, 3:4, portrait, 240x320, TFT LCD
LCT-H320240M35W-G2 3.5”, 4:3, landscape, 320x240, TFT LCD
LCT-H320480M35W-G2 3.5”, 2:3, portrait, 320x480, TFT LCD

TFT Modules Accessories
SKU Description SPEC
WIRE00X UART cable
Rotary-WIRE001 Rotary encoder cable
CANBus-WIRE001 CANBus cable

Software Download

Easy TFT LCD Control Software
Easy TFT LCD Control Software User Guide