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ezDisplay - Quick User Guide

This user guide is available in PDF format -

Items in the Box

  1. LED Display Module
  2. USB to UART Module
  3. Cable to connect between USB to UART module and LED Display Module

Note: additional usb(micro-B) cable is needed (not include)

Connect all items and light up

Back Plan Detail * Before making the connection, please prepare a usb micro-b cable and power supplier ready.
** most usb cable for android phone is micro-B and usb charger for mobile phone could be the power supply.
  1. Bluetooth only
    Bluetooth Connection
    1. Bluetooth module is already pluged with LED Display Module
    2. Simple connect a usb cable to the usb socket at position “B” – this connection is for power only.
  2. With USB to UART module
    UART connection 1
    UART connection 1
    1. “D”and “E” are the same.
    2. Plug “D” in to “C”
    3. Plug “E” to “A”
    4. Connect a usb cable to the usb socket on USB to UART module(2) – this connection for power and data.

Note: bluetooth can’t be used while USB to UART module is connected.

Quick Page Switching

A bottom is located in the back to switch stored pages.

Quick Switch Bottom Note: There are 7 pages stored in ezDisplay module, starting from page 0 to page 6.

Software and Command list download

Get ezDisplay APPs from Google Play for your mobile.

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