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Lumex Display Adapting Service - LDAS℠ LCM with I2C interface

Lumex LCD module with Built-in SSD1306 I2C Interface, LCM-H12864GWN-WI2C, is the newest product belongs to Lumex Display Adapting Service. LCM-H12864GWN-WI2C is graphic type transflective LCD in 128*64 pixels with white backlight. With built-in SSD1306 I2C interface, LCM-H12864GWN-WI2C is able to direct replace most 128 x 64 pixels OLED in the market.

LCM-H12864GWN-WI2C also comes with UART interface like other ezDisplay product. Devices such as raspberry pi, arduino and other simimar system is able to use LCM-H12864GWN-WI2C simply with four wires(pins).

LCM-H12864 series front view
Description SPEC Note
128 x 64 pixels Nagtive Transflective LCD Module,
White Backlight.